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Electrical Services

We remain focused on providing our customers a peace of mind when it comes to electrical appliances installation, electrical services, wiring, and rewiring services. Therefore, when you need us for electrical installation, call us, we will be ready to serve you at all times. Offering 24/7 availability, we are committed to serving you at all times. We will help you turn your home into an energy efficient home.

Here are some of the services that we offer.

Electrical Installations, Repair, and Servicing

Maxxi Electrician is a top-notch electrical services company and offers a reliable and energy efficient electrical installations. Our experts will advise you ensuring you have the best electrical installation. We provide you compliant electrical installations while ensuring you achieve energy efficient solutions for your home. When it comes to electrical repairs, trust Maxxi Electrician. Do not attempt DIY electrical repairs, as it can result in serious accidents or even loss of life. Electrical injuries are serious and the best way to avoid those incidents is by contracting a knowledgeable service provider. Talk to Maxxi Electrician today for reliable electrical repairs.

To avoid frequent electrical faults, you need to ensure regular servicing of the electrical installation. At Maxxi Electrician, we perform routine servicing to ensure electrical systems are functioning optimally. Call us today for pocket-friendly electrical servicing.

House Rewiring

If you own a property that was put up over 50 years ago, consider electrical installation upgrade. Home rewiring assures you that you are using the latest electrical cables, in accordance with modern ratings. House rewiring is not only a safety measure, but it is also the right step to achieving energy efficient home. Contact Maxxi Electrician today for a professional home rewiring. We will inspect the complete electrical installation advising you accordingly.   Consider that if your home is pest infested, there is a possibility that the pest damages the electrical wires by chewing on them. This results in frequent electrical faults. To eradicate this problem completely, contact Maxxi Electrician for the best services.

Outlet Installation

Maxxi Electrician offers outlet installation services. We also replace burnt electrical outlets with the best quality outlets. Thus, if you are experiencing electrical faults because of damaged outlet, contact us. Remember that electrical outlets are often used and if faulty, leads to serious injuries. Do not put your family at risk of electrical shocks because of poor quality power outlets. Contact Maxxi Electrician for immediate replacement of the existing outlet. We will install brand new high-quality outlet ensuring your home is secured from electrical faults. When replacing the electrical outlet, it is advisable that you work with a qualified professional. This is for assurance that you will get expert advice in order to determine appropriate outlets to use. Call Maxxi Electrician today for the best electrical outlet installation.

Lighting Services in Rolling Hills Estate California

Lighting installation is a basic requirement for every household. You need to ensure that you have a properly done lighting installation that provides energy efficiency while ensuring that your home is beautifully lit. Maxxi Electrician is your one-stop electrical contractor for household lighting solutions. We provide interior and exterior lighting services. For landscape lighting, contact Maxxi Electrician today. We are ready to offer the best electrical installations in rolling hills estate.

Electrical Panels Installation

Maxxi Electrician offers electrical panel installation services at an affordable rate. We also offer repair services to ensure that your electrical panel is functioning optimally. Contact Maxxi Electrician today for a fast response. Electrical panel upgrade is often done after room addition or installation of new electrical appliances. This is in order to cater to the increased electrical consumption. Contact Maxxi Electrician for professional electrical panel upgrading.